Project Display - Kingfong Industrial Park

Industrial Workplace Energy Efficiency Lighting Retrofit


Client  Guanghongsheng

Location  Kingfong, Zhangzhou

Scope Of Work  Retrofit factory lights

Number of Replacement  40

Installation Height  8m

Project Description

Kingfong Industrial Park is located in development zone of Zhangzhou. In which lies Guanghongsheng, a lifely factory of hardware manufacturing and processing. For this industry, dull working environment leads to potencial serious injury of operators due to heavy punching and stampling in product molding. Therefore the owner requires a good lighting performance of warehouse with sufficient lightness so as to energize the workers and increase efficiency.

Product Chosen

The factory was equipped with 40 80W spiral compact incandescent bulbs every 5 meters. Each year the replacement rate of poor performance CFLs is 12.5%. Yaltan's 60W highbay was chosen to replace the original CFLs directly.


Average illuminance of the ground reached to 230lux.

Illuminance increased 12% while energy cost reduced 25%.

2,336 kWh energy saved per annum.


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