Q: How many years of warranty do you provide?

A: Normally we offer 3 years of warranty. We can also adjust product specifications depending on customer's requirments.

Q: Where can I get price for Yaltan's products?

A: Please contact us via e-mail:

rita@yaltan.com for certificate required products

peter@yaltan.com for no certificate requirement products,

or simply phone: +86-592-608-7759 for the latest release.

Q: I like the shape of your products but their specifications does not match my requirement, is it possible to customize?

A: Yes of course, simply send us your inquiry and let us know what you need via e-mail inquiry@yaltan.com and we will have our engineer contact you as soon as possible.

Q: What if I have drawings and I would like to discuss details of my own designed product?

A: If you would like to customize products, please contact us and send us your inquiry/technical drawings via e-mail or fax, our technical department will evaluate and proceed to further discussion with you as soon as possible.

Q: How do I get after-sale service?

A: Please preserve the broken ones and refer to our warranty policy or contact us directly for assistance.