Something about us

Since 2006

Yaltan is a manufacturer and exporter who aims to providing best product and service to our clients. We devote ourselves to providing distinguishable and fine quality products so as to enhance confidence and competitive advantage of our clients. Yaltan was established in 2006, acquired permit of exporting and importing in 2009. Nowadays we maintain stable business relationships with clients all over the world.


International Product Standard

We believe to add value is to think from our clients' perspective of view. To realize this, we do our best to get fully understand the needs of our clients, and assiduously learn and apply the new technology. Bearing this in mind, we choose the most appropriate and efficient components to provide excellent quality, easy installing products. As a standard of R&D, each of our new products is tested to comply with international standards before finalization.

Customized Product Service

After years of focus, we design various type of lighting products and are proficient in the fundemental part of making a well-performed lighting product. We also managed to integrate total product quality control with our design ability.

Customization service is offered with given specifications or requirements. We provide not only driver solutions, but also whole product utilization to tailored application scenarios. We believe to supply is not only to manufacture, but also to advice, to communicate, and to solve problems.

Retrofit Consultancy Service

We also provide our clients with retrofit evaluation and related service such as cost evaluation, product suggestion, etc, also replacement simulation upon request. With our understanding of lighting products, combined with our experience of luminary applications, we are able to offer effective suggestions to our clients' requirements.

Equipped with the perspective of product utilizer and manufacturer, we have successfully assisted several clients in demand of retrofit upgrades and replacements. Based on this, we look forward to helping more clients' of their retrofit needs.

CSR and Environment

The products we produce can lead to a step forward to our clients's living environment has been a proud to us. As a manufacturer, we are aware of our social responsibilities in regard of protecting environment and provide emplyment opportunities. For this we do our best to affect the least to our environment, and continuously enhancing the wellfare and working conditions to our employees.

We have been persistently improving our production methods, limit and restrict the harzard contents of our products, to optimize the most of our products, and to design a more sustainable product.